Hi. I wont tell you my name because that’s kind of stalkish. Like, what if there’s just somebody who searches you up like write after you say your name. So you can just call me ‘the weird one.’ I live in Britain and i’m in secondary school. That’s like middle/high school to you weird Americans. Americans are odd people. DO they actually think we just sit there sipping tea. That is what my mum does, but not all of us. But FYI fish and chips are just mm-mm. One thing, a few weeks ago, i had a traumatizing experience. It still scares the shit out of me. In the middle of my lessons my ears tear up and I can’t get it out of my mind. I can’t even walk outside without getting scared and looking back.

I guess I’m starting this blog because i don’t know who i really am. To be honest, i think i’m kind of two faced. When i go home, i just hate on every person i know. Even my best friend ‘long-legs’ is somebody that i don’t like. You know those high school movies that they find out there’s always a guy for you or you just have to be yourself. I cant achieve anything by being myself, and no guy will ever be interested.

Thing is, i guess you could call me a bitch for hating nearly everyone in my life but lemme tell me about the people in my life. My mum, is an amazing person, i love her. But then comes my dad, who has a wife and a daughter in another country. His daughter is basically a genius and i guess you could call me smart, but i’ll never be as smart as her. She’s perfect. She’s nice, is smart AND pretty. Then there’s me, who is always in some kind of trouble. Like for example, a few days ago i got in trouble for wagging lessons with the most popular girl in school. Who actually needs French in life. Yeah the world is totally going to be invaded by french speaking aliens. Seriously though, I thought maybe i could have a change, maybe if i was friends with her people would actually know my name. That i wouldn’t have to be my best friends’ side-chick all the time. My best friend ‘longlegs’ is just plain beautiful and is loved for that. I guess maybe I have more friends than her but i’ve never been asked out or nobody has ever told me they liked me. But i still have my whole group of best friends, and i love them. Though i have a feeling ‘sixpac’ hates me. And there’s Banana who suddenly came out as this awesome funny person. That used to be my position in the group but nobody cares about me anymore. I’m just the fashionable, kinda-weird, smart one of the group. I guess that’s why i’m lying more and more by the day. I always tell myself that there’s people worse than me. That at least you’re not that bad looking, that you’re not that side-chick. Deep inside I know that the  only person who believes that is me I guess. There’s one guy though, i don’t know if i like him or not. Because i’ve never liked someone before. Plus, i seem like a stalker because he sits in front of me in most lessons myself and i daydream a lot. Think of what happens every time he turns around.  Sorry I was so gloomy, i just have nobody to share this stuff with. Bye for now ad Konichiwaa!